What We Do

Conducting and Coordinating Research and Innovation

With our partner academic and business partners, EIRG conducts and coordinates international research and innovation projects. For example, we are currently working with Lund University, Princeton University and the University of California – Los Angeles on an Iran surveying project. Further information about our research and innovation activities will be shared within our activities section when possible.

Providing Education and Expert Advice

Our members are internationally recognized experts on Iran who provide education and advice as part of EIRG mission of promoting engagement between the EU and Iran. The diversity of our members allows us to provide education on a wide range of issues and for all sectors. Some of the areas where we have worked previously include: Iran’s economy, Iran’s domestic politics, Iran’s foreign policy, the nuclear issue and EU-Iran relations.

Facilitating Meetings and Events

We organize meetings, conferences, workshops and customized programs to increase engagement between European and Iranian stakeholders. Information on these events will be shared in our activities section.